среда, 22 ноября 2017 г.

The point of view-Panda

Hi, i am a panda.I live in zoo.I hate all peoples.There are coming, and noising when i am going to sleep.I hate peoples, because they don't allow me to go to outside.But they are good when they give me something to eat.I have friends other pandas.We hate poeples together.But not only we, all the animals here hate you.Why we are here?To make happier stupid children?We live only to make happier someone, but we still angry and we are not happy.Hey, give me that banan, no don't eat it.Peoples you are very stupid, you came here everyday but something new isn't here.

Awesome trip to Syunik

Good memories,beautiful places I liked Shaqi waterfall almost. I will remember it, and come back to see it again!