понедельник, 20 марта 2017 г.

My faveourite book

My faveourite book is earl Monte Qristo. This book is about a boy who loved a girl whos name was Mercedes Erero, they were very nice couple, but the best friend of girl whos name was Fernan Mondego, who had loved girl too, had gived a false testimony to police. And that boy ,,survived,, many years in prison. When he escaped from prison, someone said that his girlfriend is now wife of Fernan Mondego. And Edmon Dantes(the boy, who has been in prison) founded treasurs, and he reset his name from Edmon Dantes to earl Monte Qristo. And Monte Qirsto started his way of revenge. In the final he finished his revenge and he left his country.

Awesome trip to Syunik

Good memories,beautiful places I liked Shaqi waterfall almost. I will remember it, and come back to see it again!