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Hovhannes Tumanyan
One day a cock rose roof, to see the world. But he didn't see nothing, because the opposite mountain was disturbing.
-Hey Quchi, do you know what is behind the mountain,- asked the cock to dog.
-No, i don't
-I can nott tolerate anymore, let's see the world.
Dog said that he is agree and they ran away.
In the evening they reach to forest. Dog slept in the leaves, cock slept on the tree.
In the morning cock do a doodle to. A fox heard him. And he thought. ''From where he come? He can be a good breakfast.''
And he ran to cock.
-Good morning my friend cock, what are you doing here?
-We are going to see the world.
-It is good idea!I am looking for good friend very long!Climb down from tree. We can late.
-I am agree, is my friend agree to? Ask him, and the i' ll climb down,
-Where's your friend?
-In the leaves.
Fox thought ''Maybe his friend is a cock like him, my dinner is ready!'' And he ran to the leaves, but when the dog came out from leaves, fox scared and ran away very fast.
-Hey fox, why are you going so fast, we can't get you, you'ren't friend.-said the cock sitting on tree.

Awesome trip to Syunik

Good memories,beautiful places I liked Shaqi waterfall almost. I will remember it, and come back to see it again!