четверг, 9 марта 2017 г.

My school

My school name is Mkhitar Sebastatsi educational complex.My school is one of the best schools in our city or country! My school has 3 floors. Our school invited many special teachers. Our school is paid school, but not very expensive. We have many classes. Schoolchildren in our classes are very clever and funny. You can't be bored in our lessons. Our teachers are very kind. We are very free in our lessons.We can whisper to each other. For lessons we are using notebooks/netbooks/tablets/phones. We have project Digitech. First 3 places are geting prizes! We have summer and winter camps. We are going very many time-spending places while camp with teachers. We have our website www.mskh.am! While study days we can go outside of city with teachers.There we're playing games until deep night! Our school is the best school.

P.S.We have kind headmaster too.

Awesome trip to Syunik

Good memories,beautiful places I liked Shaqi waterfall almost. I will remember it, and come back to see it again!